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Collaborative Research Projects

Transportation Projects

Identified the Relationship between Waiting Time and Signal Violation Likelihood using Survival Analysis {link}

Factors Influencing Pedestrian Signal Violation Behaviour {link}

Analysed Usability of Foot Over Bridges Across India {link}

Factors Influencing Pedestrians’ Distracted Road Crossing Behaviour {link}

Parents’ Role in School Mode Choice for their Children {link}

Before and After Impact of Covid-19 on Modal Shift (Public Transport to Car Commute) {link}

Public Transport Performance Evaluation [M.Tech Project]

Data Science and Machine Learning Projects

Seattle Fremont Bridge’s Daily Bicycle Count Forecasting {github}

Streamlit-based Probability Distribution Fitter Web Application {blog - github - app link}

Churn Prediction Model Deployment using AWS Elastic Beanstalk {github}

House Price Prediction Model Deployment on Heroku {github - app link}

Lung Cancer Patents’ Survival Prediction using Survival Analysis {blog - github}

Key Performance Indicators Tableau Dashboards. {app link}

Built Choropleth Maps using Python and QGIS {github}

Bayesian A/B Testing of Email Click-Through Rate {github}