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Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering MOOCS

Survey Data Collection

Mobility and City Planning

Road Safety and Accident Analysis

Gian Course (IIT Guwahati)

Climate Change and Health

Programming, Data Science, and Machine Learning MOOCs

How Did I Start My Data Science Journey?

Please ignore the below list of courses that I have completed since 2018. The below list is here to remind me about the success and failures I encountered in the pursuit of data science learning. At the beginning of 2018, I had no idea about programming and data science. So, I started on my own. There were many courses and books that I felt were pretty spectacular, and few were not worth the time. You don’t have to go through such extensive ups and downs. Based on my experience, I have curated a list of courses and books that help you learn data science. Click the below link to read more.

Blog: Start Your Data Science Journey with these Books and Courses

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Coding Best Practices

Object Oriented Programming

Apps and Dashboards

Data Loading

Data Manipulation

Data Visualization

Probability and Statistics

Machine Learning

Git & Github

Time Series Analysis




Image Processing

Computer Vision

Text Analysis

Spatial Analysis



Network Analysis

Big Data Analytics

Cloud Computing

Online Projects